Apprentice Series


The Apprentice Series aims to help Christians develop a robust discipleship by helping them understand who God is, what it means to be a Christian and what it means to live in community as a part of God's kingdom.  Throughout the series, Christians learn to discard the flawed narratives of our hearts and replace them with the truths God reveals in his work about himself, the Christian life and his Church.

The series is based on three books:

The Good and Beautiful God, The Good and Beautiful Life, and The Good and Beautiful Community by James Bryan Smith.










Fortnightly sessions at Menston and Burley Methodist Churches have been held during 2015 covering the first two books.  One chapter of the book is read each fortnight together with a soul training exercise to practise. The group then share together what they have read and what they have done.

Sessions on the third book - The Good and Beautiful Community - were held fortnightly on Tuesdays at Menston Methodist Church from Tuesday 23 February 2016.

Members from our Church who attended the Apprentice Group led our morning service on Sunday 17 July 2016.






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