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Come and Meet Each Other


The lunch has taken place every month since September 2000. It is for people who live alone and like to join others for a meal and conversation. We take 32 members. Held at this Church at the moment, the rota of volunteers come from near and far. Lunch includes a choice of soup, pudding and tea, coffee and a biscuit, all supplied by other volunteers on an occasional basis. The time has come for the current team to take a rest and we would be really pleased to have offers of others to take our place. This may bring a change of format with new ideas. It would be lovely to keep the lunch going as it is much appreciated by all who attend. We would be very happy to provide further information to anyone who is interested or for them to attend a Lunch. At present these are on the 2nd Wednesday of each month.                             

Thank you – we wait in hope       
Joyce Pitts

This is a village initiative held on the second Wednesday of each month when our members meet together for lunch.  We invite anyone who lives on their own and would enjoy having a meal in company to think about joining us.  If you are already a member you may know a friend or neighbour who might like to come along; please ask them.  Most of us respond more easily when invited by someone we know.  We have 36 regular members and others who are invited on a month to month basis.

The lunch is held in room 2 at Menston Methodist Church.  The cost is £3.  Lunches are homemade food made by volunteers, 3 choices of soup, 3 choices of puddings, biscuits, finishing with tea or coffee and chocolates.

We like to keep adding to our list of volunteers who help on an occasional basis with making soup, puddings or biscuits.  You may like to come along and help on the day.  We also need drivers to bring some of our members who otherwise wouldn’t be able to come.  Volunteers can offer to help in one or more ways.  We don’t have rotas and if you are asked to help and are unable to on that occasion just say so and we will ask you another month.

Please get in touch and we will be happy to give you any further information.

Joyce Pitts 01943 874697
Charmian Thomas 01943 873865
Jane Pratt 01943 876945






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