World Day of Prayer

The origins of World Day of Prayer date back to the 19th century when Christian women in the USA and Canada initiated a variety of cooperative activities in support of women’s involvement in mission, at home and abroad. It is from such roots as these that WDP has taken its present shape – a worldwide ecumenical movement of Informed Prayer and Prayerful Action.

It was in 1928, at an international missionary conference in Jerusalem, that Scotswoman Grace Forgan first learned of the world day of prayer and brought the news to these islands. The first services were held:
1930 in Scotland, 1932 in England, 1933 in Wales, and 1934 in Ireland.

The Second World War was a time of great growth – drawing women together in prayer and fellowship.

In 1941 the WDP office in London was bombed and all property and records destroyed. There was no loss of life and minutes recovered from members enabled the bare bones of the first 9 years to be preserved.

It was not until the reforms of the second Vatican Council that Roman Catholic women were able to take a full part in the day of prayer and in 1967 the day was celebrated at a special service in Westminster Cathedral, by invitation of Cardinal Heenan.

In 1969 the World Union of Catholic Women’s Organisations encouraged Roman Catholic women worldwide to participate in WDP and to make this possible WUCWO moved their own day of prayer from March to May.

In 1982 the service was prepared by the women of Ireland, both north and south.

In England, Wales and Northern Ireland there are now over 3,000 branches holding 5,000 services every year. Last year 275,000 copies of the order of service were printed.

World Day of Prayer 2024

The service for the World Day of Prayer will be held on Friday 1 March at 2pm at SS John Fisher & Thomas More Church,. Burley in Wharfedale.

The service has been prepared by the Christian women of Palestine.

The theme is "I beg you, bear with one another in love" based on Ephesians 4 v1-7

Refreshments will be served after the service and raising funds for the many projects suipported by the WDP organisation.



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