Room Hire

We have rooms available for hire for one-off meetings, rehearsals, parties, concerts or for more regular bookings.   Our rooms are currently used for exercise classes, a toddler group, social groups and clubs, prayer groups, choirs, local community groups, children's parties, Rugby Tots and Slimming World, as well as our own Church activities.  There are round tables, trestle tables and chairs available for use in the rooms.  There is a serving hatch from the kitchen to the main hall.

Our main hall has recently been fitted with acoustic panels on the ceiling.  These have cut down on the reverberation and noise which is often associated with halls with wooden floors.  We are delighted with the result which makes using the hall a more pleasant experience.

The main hall is: 7.9m wide, 14.4m long, and 3.5m high.

Main hall Room 2
Main Hall Room 2
Kitchen Kitchen

We also have other rooms available suitable for smaller groups or meetings.

Room Information & Charges
Room Booking Requirements

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If you wish to receive a Room Booking information pack please leave a message at Church on 01943 871909 or email 

If you wish to check on the availability of a room please email our caretaker, Julie Jennings,

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